Keiko Hiromi is a Japanese photographer based in Boston, USA & Tokyo, Japan.   Her work has appeared on NYT, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, El Pais, Der Spiegel, Diamond Weekly (japan), Boston Globe, PRI and ABC news and many more publications around the globe.  She is available for assignments world wide.  Please contact Keiko for commission and licensing inquiries. (CV & News)

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These women show what it looks like to survive Ebola in Liberia (LIberia, 2015) Featured on PRI

文章サンプル (日本語のみ)
Keiko Hiromi (artist)
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Keiko Hiromi

1999年渡米。ボストンと日本を拠点に写真活動を行っています。東京御茶ノ水、写真専門画廊ギャラリーバウハウスにてJacques Cabaret, Drag Queen 2011のオリジナルプリントの閲覧、購入ができます。その他の作品の購入、ご質問につきましては廣見までお問い合わせください.

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