Monadnock Street

Artist Statement: Monadnock Street.  Neighborhood story

I moved into a house on "Monadnock Street" in 2005.  I have been taking pictures on Monadnock Street since then: photographing my house, neighbors and what I see on streets.  

I like hearing kids playing outside on summer days.   I am reminded of my mother's up-bringing with her family and stories of their childhoods. My mother is from a large family. She grew with many siblings and relatives in rural Japan.  I always liked hearing stories of her growing up with her family and friends, when I was a kid.   Whenever I visited my grandparent’s house where my mother grew up, there was a sense of community.  I, on the other hand am an only child and have never lived with any extended family members.  

Being "a foreigner"  & a single 30-somthing (or 20-something in past) in Boston, USA, I had often felt that I never had time for a neighborhood community: Life was busy and exciting, spending time with friends of shared interests and mutual backgrounds felt natural.  Simply "living in the same neighborhood" was not good enough until I moved to Monadnock Street.

"Monadnock Street" is my neighborhood community, where we can be open and receive each others, and be friends. To me, it is wonderful...I truly want to thank you to all the people I meet on Monadnock Street.  Through them, I am afforded to become one’s friend, cousin, sister and allowed to witness a baby growing up to be a child, a child becoming a young lady.  Monadnock Street lets me experience a large family life I had never had.

Photography always takes me experiencing the new world, and introduces me to someone I have not yet met, and life I have not yet known. It is a personal project for me and my first project to work on.  It helps me come to realize more about myself as a person and allowing me to learn and understand what it means to be a photographer.