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My Very American July 4th


I spent this year's July 4th photographing former Utah Gov & Presidential Candidate (R) Jon Huntman and his family campaigning in NH.  It was FUN!


July 4th Independent Parade in Amherst, NH.

kf家族でパシャ!family picture!

絵になるハントマン候補者夫婦。。。Pretty couple!

ハントマンさんよくキャンペーンで走ってた。大統領候補者ってたいへん!He ran a lot.  It is hard work to be a candidate!

レモネードこどもから買う。暑い日だった。Buying Lemonade from kids.

アメリカ愛国子供 Patriotic kid

アメリカ愛国家族 Patriotic family

氏のお嬢さん。Asher Huntman at BBQ

バイク屋さんでもキャンペーン。campaigning at Harley Davidson

キャンペーンは家族も大変!it is hard work to be in candidate's family




AT LAST, I also got to feed the deer!! (YES!)