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My mother's Birthday

Today is my Mother's Birthday! To celebrate the very best mother in the world for me, I decided to celebrate her birthday by commemorating her mother: my grandmother.  My grandmother passed away last July.  These are some of the photographs that I have from my grandmother's last years with her.  (Please read about my grandmother & mother in my past blogs1.2).  I also sent her the photographs of her parent's home, where no one lives anymore since my grandmother's passing.  My grandparents owned a small typographic printing company in rural Japan.  When I used to visit my grandparent’s house, as a young child, there was something very mysterious about typographic printing shop, which was part of their house, there were things that were old, dusty and extremely complicated Chinese letters as if they were from the different world.  I loved listening to my mother’s stories of growing up with her siblings in the print shop.  Now, it is empty. I snapped a few photographs there after my grandmother's funeral last year, wondering what would happen to these "things."






 祖母の家/typographic printing shop