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Drag Queen 2012

SO, last weekend, I returned to Jacques Cabaret for the 1st time this year.  I was in Japan for my show "Drag Queen 2011" last November & December; it has been almost 2.5months since I went to Jacques last time.

I had been wanting to come back to Jacques since I came back to Boston at the very end of last year. Due to getting rid of jetlug and "working for living", I could not go back to Jacques... till Last weekend!!!

It was so nice to see my beautiful queens!

先週末今年にはいってからはじめてジャックスキャバレーにいって参りました! 昨年11月、12月とギャラリーバウハウスでの個展Drag Queen 2011のため、日本に帰国していたのでジャックスにいくのは2ヶ月半ぶり。本当は個展終了後、アメリカに戻ってきてから、ずっといかなくては!と思っていたのですが、時差ぼけやら、仕事やらで先週末までなかなか時間がつくれずに、、、(泣)


i know, I have a thing for fishnet...



funny faced Dee


New floor!!