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7 years ago around this time.../7年前の今頃

I graduated from New England School of Photography in Boston, MA around this time 7 years ago.

7 years ago :Just completed my program there majoring in photojournalism: just moved to Monadnock Street, Dorchester, just started my job and dying to want to be like Eugene Richard.... wow,,,that was my 7 years ago...

I began photographing 3 projects around that time,  "Monadnock Street", "Toddy" and "Bread and Jam".  Monadnock street is the only project that I am still working on.  "Toddy" was a woman I met through project Hope of Dorchester, living at Codman Sq with her niece and her sister's family, who was trying to get her life together after moving out of Homeless shelter.  "Bread and Jam" is a Cambridge based NPO  helping homeless population and provide day-time home for the homeless.  

I never had define endings of the 2 projects "Toddy" and "Bread and Jam".  They sort of ended themselves through time.

It's been 7 years... where were you 7 years ago? and where would you be in 7 years? to think of future is a bit scary and tons of excitement...

Here are some from my very 1st project: Bread and Jam Day center.  I found these scanned photographs from my old hard drive.... hope to share a complete set of this project with you someday...


7年前の今頃, 私はボストンにある写真専門学校二ソップを卒業した。


卒業直後に私は3つのプロジェクロを撮影始めた。”モナドナックストリート”、”トディー” そして”ブレッド&ジャム”だ。残念なことに今でも継続しているのは”モナドナックストリート”だけとなってしまった。”トディー”はドーチェスターのNPO,プロジェクトホープを通して知り合ったコッドマンスクエアに姪と妹家族と一緒に住んでいる女性で、ホームレスシェルターをからでたあとの"安定した人生"を目指していた。”ブレッド&ジャム”はケンブリッジ市のホームレス援助のNPOでホームレスの人たちのためのデータイムセンターを運営している。”