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encouragement from France/フランスからのエール(とかってに解釈する件)

Coming back from my fun but exhausting Arles trip last week, I went to shoot Jacques Cabaret. It was so nice to see familiar friendly faces!

 I did received a lot of constructive feedback and made the connection with some critics in Arles.  I hope that it will be long term mentoring process with them for me... I sent "thank you email" to the reviewers I met in Arles, Some did wrote back to me.   One female critic wrote back to me: "...Thank you very much for your kind message. I perfectly remember your portfolio, and I like this project. ... You have a personal style which is a very important ground to succeed in the difficult project that you are dealing with" Now, she may just being polite, But this mail made mevery happy!!I usually don't expect anyone to reply thank you mail, as i assume they are getting millions of "thank you email" from photographers they reviewed.   

Anyway, I just secured my wet darkroom access for next few months tonight at new england school of Phtography and excited to begin developing negatives from the trip tomorrow!  

先週、笑いあり、涙ありのアルル巡礼からかえってきました! 土曜日にはジャックスキャバレーに撮影にいき、久しぶりにある懐かしい笑顔にすっかりいやされました。