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A photo from Arles アルルからの写真

When you travel abroad alone, and you dont' speak the language, you have very limited time interacting with people.  During my trip to France, I could not interact with many people, I think that is why I remember much better about even small interactions than the usual: her gaze, his smile, and how she paused etc... 

I took this photo the day I was returning to Paris from Arles.  I was looking for a mail box, so that I could send postcards to my family and friends in Japan & U.S.. I had been walking all afternoon under Provence sun with my carry-on and a camera bag on the shoulder.  I was exhausted and hot.  I was worried  that my sweat would smudge the ink on the cards as I held them in my hands.  On top of that, I had my heels on walking around on cobblestone streets of Arles, as I could not fit my heels into my carry on.   I finally arrived at the post office building in Arles.  She was sitting in front of the post office.  I tried to find a mail boxt outside. But I did not see any. I was quite fed of the idea of going in and hoped for someone who would be nice to me.  I sighed, and dragged my feet and carry-on to the entrance of the post office.  As I was about to push the heavy door,  the woman called "Madam", She pointed at the corner of the building, said something in French and smiled.  I liked her smile...  I headed where she had pointed, around the corner, I found a mail box.

I walked to her, said "Merci"with my broekn French and gestured if I can photograph her.  She nodded and smiled.



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