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First Snow

1st snow in Boston today.  very chilly and windy.

Last night, U.S. election night,  I spent covering Sen Scott Brown at a hotel in downtown Boston.  The world was buzzed about President Obama 's re-election.  I am not U.S. citizen, but a residence and a member of world citizen, I feel excited about his second term personally.  For covering election night, I worked with writers and filed photographs after midnight, and left a hotel around 2am.   It is a small but luxury boutique hotel in Boston.  As I was leaving the hotel with excitement from a great speech Obama made in Chicago and hopefulness that he got re-elected, I saw a homeless man wondering on street aimlessly looking for a spot to sleep with his tired blanket in his arm. It was a cold night, not as cold as tonight though,  I felt bad and thought about bringing him a cup of hot beverage like hot chocolate.  So I looked around to see if there was any stores like a convenience store still open.  Immediately I could spot at least 5-6 homeless men either sleeping or wondering on the street.  I had so much camera gears and a lap top computer with me, fighting with gravity of the weight on my shoulder and exhausted from the work of last 2 days of covering campaign.  I knew I just could not deliver drinks to everyone I saw.  I felt hopeless and got on the cab and ran away.  Now it is snowing.  I am thankful that I have a roof over my head,  a fire place to sit by on a cold night like this.  And I think about people I saw last night.  I know I am naive,  and hope for the better future.


I have worked on photo story about homeless shalter in Cambridge when I was a photo student. I may not agree with every descions they have made, but surely they deserve warms and a roof over especially on a night like tonight.