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Jacques Cabaret: Lens Culture website

I created a project on Lens culture invitation only website.  I am looking forward to adding more project here.
First added project to Lens Culture: Jacques Cabaret
This is how it started: My friend Valerie took me to Jacques Cabaret in Boston one saturday evening, some time in 2007... many moons ago... That night, there, I saw amazing talents Destiny Boston, Lakia, Miss. Chris and Mizery on stage. I could not take my eyes off of them during their performance. I knew I wanted to photograph them. That was my way of expressing " I like your style". 

Sometime I had taken years off from photographing them. But they have always remans at special part in my photographic heart. On and off, I have continued photographing them. Friendship have developed. Now I photograph them in color. But this is how it all started... Rolls of B & W film and every weekend in backstage at Jacqued Cabaret.

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