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Simple truth : photo & I

I am sure like many other photographers, I sometimes find it very difficult to keep going at my (personal -not paid) projects.

 "Why should or would anyone care about what i have to say ? "  is my biggest devil. (Ok i know I am super childish to even think about it...)

It is not like i am saving someone's life.  It is not like I am the only witness and my camera is only testimonial of the tragedy of the world.  I am a simple person and photograph what I see everyday.

I think the hard truth is that probably no one cares about what i have to say.... It is heart breaking everytime I think about it ;(  But what is important is I care what I see, and people I photograph and interact with.

Being behind a camera  sometime is a self indulgence act for me: I love looking at the world through my view finder. I feel being like a queen! ....I like that...(I admit it!)

With that, I have enough self love most of the time to keep my head up and behind the camera, to keep going.