Jacques Cabaret 2007 Images on Black & White Magazine On-Line Portfolio Page

I am happy to annouce my images from Jacques Cabaret shoot 2007 are on Black & White Magazine On-Line Portfolio Page.  http://gallery.bandwmag.com/contests/4/photographs/11877


Personal Note: I did not spot the prints  .... The real prints are clean... I swear!

I shot wonderful ladies at Jacques Cabaret for a couple months in 2007.  These are images from that time.  I recently returned to shoot more at Jacques Cabaret in March 2011.  I believe this time aroud, I am taking more of  intimate portoraits, and old burlesque black and white look. I sincerely hope to share new pictures with you all very soon!!

For upcoming news at Jacques: Mizary, a wonderful lady and one of the DQ that I photograph, is having a benefit at Jacques Cabaret on May 10, 2011.  The benefit is for fundraiser for her Pageant.  Suggested donation at th door is only $5 and guranteed fun time! Hope to see you there!!