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Monadnock Street on LensCulture

I put up my portfolio of my neighborhood photo essay "Monadnock Street" on my project, Lens Culture website.  Please check it out!

Click Here to Monadnock Street on Lens Culture! 




Jacques Cabaret: Lens Culture website

I created a project on Lens culture invitation only website.  I am looking forward to adding more project here.
First added project to Lens Culture: Jacques Cabaret
This is how it started: My friend Valerie took me to Jacques Cabaret in Boston one saturday evening, some time in 2007... many moons ago... That night, there, I saw amazing talents Destiny Boston, Lakia, Miss. Chris and Mizery on stage. I could not take my eyes off of them during their performance. I knew I wanted to photograph them. That was my way of expressing " I like your style". 

Sometime I had taken years off from photographing them. But they have always remans at special part in my photographic heart. On and off, I have continued photographing them. Friendship have developed. Now I photograph them in color. But this is how it all started... Rolls of B & W film and every weekend in backstage at Jacqued Cabaret.

Lens culture 



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