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Japanese Election October 2017, 日本衆議院選


Japanese special election in October 2017.    

JFKのお孫さん ジャックシュロスバーグ氏 Photographing Jack Scholssberg

先日ボストンでJFKのお孫さんジャックシュロスバーグ氏を撮影してきました。ケネディー大統領のお孫さん、在日米大使キャロラインケネディー氏の23歳の息子さん。叔父様だった若くなくなったJFK Jr氏にそっくりのハンサムな好青年。これからのケネディー一族を担っていく若手です。 来年の1月から始まるトランプ政権について”オープンマインド”(先入観をなるべく持たずに)でいることは大切なことだ、と若きシュロスバーグ氏は語りました。

I photographed Jack Scholossberg, a grandson of JFK in Boston the other day.  He resembles his uncle, JFK Jr.  My photographs appeared on People's Magazine exclusive article.

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Hibakusha Stories of Hiroshima & Nagaskai (ENG)

The White House announced on May 10 Tuesday that President Obama would visit Hiroshima for the first time as U.S. President since 1945.


I visited Hiroshima and Nagaskai last year to meet and listened to the survivors of Atomic bombs. Hiroshi Hosokawa of Hiroshima, who was 17 years old in 1945 told me "I think the Atomic bombs were not only dropped onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but mankind. ....Everything that had existed here disappeared on August 6, 1945. As long as I live, I will continue to have my voice alive."

I hope we can start a dialogue for future...

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Survivors 70 years after Atomic Bombs

Survivors 70 years after Atomic Bombs

Hibakusha When I came to the United States, I was surprised to discover that most discussions regarding the atomic bombs were debates over the correctness of the actions by U.S. government in 1945.   In Japan, stories of the atomic bomb survivors are never meant over the actions in past, but the actions for the future.  Many Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) would not even want to remember what happened on August 6th and 9th, but they share their stories for the future: for us.   So that it will not happen again to anyone else.  I hope we can start a dialogue for future.  No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki.

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